SDink (sdink) wrote,

Bailey Shots...

Man I could use some of

Still trying to cope, I think the shock has worn off a bit and I am trying to get tired so I can go take my bath and lay in bed and watch Naruto. Been watching a lot of movies to try not to think too much. Decided to take some pics of my little Bailey cos I love him so much ^_^

I called all of my contacts and 3 recruiters, filed un-employment (thank you Lyn) and have a lead but that is all I want to say cos I don't want to jinx anything but please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Thank you all for all of the comments on my laid off thread, I really, really appreciate it and all of the support you all gave me, it means a lot to me ^_^ I am very touched. And a big thank you to Lyn for just being there for me and caring and giving me hope to move on ^_^

Now onto some moody Bailey shots:

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