SDink (sdink) wrote,

Still alive!

Have been so out of the loop as of late but I am still alive and kickin! Work has been great but the commute is killing me >_> I spend 2 hours a day (sometimes longer) in HEAVY traffic, it's really stressful and sometimes scary due to soo many other drivers not paying attention, my life is in their hands.

Have not been too much into dolls but Pris came out recently and has gotten me all fired up I just wish I had more time to paint and play with them. When I get home I am spent and do not feel like doing anything except watch Space Brothers and then play Dynasty Warriors 8 and kill KILL KILL!

Weekends I don't even want to get in my car as much as I love it >_> work is great though, i LOVE my job, the people I work with and the actual work I do is the funnest I have done to date! I hope the game does well as my contract ends Dec 31st. They extended my first contract but if the game does not do well then I may be UN-employed again.

On the dolly front I got my Nabarro's Boy Cyril and thanks to Pris I also got a Har ^_^ they share the Dollshe DSAM body, I had to mod the neck to fit these heads but now they both fit! I need to paint my Cyril and take pics of the both of them! I also scored a Genji just recently O_O the price was sooo good I could not pass it up, plus I was regretting selling mine, I hope he comes home this weekend!

I also really want a Dollshe David, he is just too beautiful but since Genji popped up David will have to wait a bit. I should be saving money but ugh!

I have some custom dolls I have been working on also, I just put up a Custom Dollshe IM Hound, will make a new post for that, I also have some stuff coming up:

Fairyland Feeple65 Modded Roke in white skin (Human ears)
Iplehouse Lee Head in White Skin
Iplehouse Denzel Head in Real Skin (I think)
Luts Soony Head in White Skin

I have some more but I

Hope all is well if there is still anybody out there! have I missed anything?

Oh also, I am on Instagram that I update frequently, add me: cherylsdink and I also am on FLickr a lot:

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