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It's at one of the companies I really wanted to work for! I interviewed yesterday but was worried cos they said they were interviewing one other person but it looks like I got it! WHEE! I can breath now!

Oh, I will be working at Gazillion on Marvel Heroes ^_^

Taking Commissions today

Sorry for the late notice >_>



Seeking a Nabarro's Boy Cyril Head

I would be willing to trade my services (Face ups, body blushing) for him. I also like Har but I prefer Cyril, if you have one and are willing to part with him please email me: cherylaustin@sbcglobal.net

yes I know this is quite a long shot but you never know unless you try.

Sharing some commissions

That I have done awhile back, I forget to post them here since it is so dead...lol I post most of my works on flickr in case anyone wants to know. I also use Instagram, tumblr and twitter.  My name on istagram is cherylsdink (there was already an sdink O_O) feel free to follow me ^_^ I'll be taking more commissions for February (even though some of January's are not even here yet, coming from Europe) I'll post here details later on.


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Commission Update...

To those that bought a slot on Etsy please remember to email me so I can make arrangements to send your head.

January Slots Full

And they went within seconds O_O I was shocked. And Andie finally got a slot XD

Tomorrow at 12:00 Noon Pacific Standard time. Link to my shop: http://www.etsy.com/shop/SDink#

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Commission Update...

I'll be taking more commissions in Jan. I am going to put them in my Etsy store so first come first serve. I think this way will be easiest for all. I'm going to make it to where you only pay 10% up front and then the balance once the face up has been approved. I may also have it to where you can use a CC and Layaway if needed since I did recently raise my prices. Hope this works for people and I hope people will still commission me.....lol

Commission (Idealian Dover)

Thanks to luluna33 for hooking me up to play with an Idealian!

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