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hat and itachi

Wanna see a Foo Foo Lishe?

As popular as this doll is I have only painted ONE before this one...lol thanks to neojess for the loan of her for my project, I still need to blush her upper body and give her a manicure but I think she looks rather sweet! these are just a couple of really quick shots but of course Bronte had to get in on the action...lol

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hat and itachi

Commission (Scars on a Luts SSD Cane)

For marny, she wanted him to have scars, I guess he is based on a character from a book, here's a description based on the book:

He has many crescent-shaped scars on his body, face, neck and jaw from the bites of vampires he fought on Maria's behalf. The white scars are invisible to humans unless contrasted by a strong light, but when viewed by a vampire they are said to be his most dominant feature, causing defensive reactions in vampires who don't know him. In Breaking Dawn Bella says the scars "screamed dangerous." She also says "How many vampires had tried to kill Jasper? The same number had died in the attempt."

I think he came out pretty cool if I do say so myself! took me forever to do it but I think it was worth it!

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hat and itachi

Elf Juri

She was fun to do! she wanted a Fashion doll style, so I did the closet I could but still in my style:

I LOVE this wig, thanks Julie for the loan of the body and wig :D
hat and itachi

Yder commission

I started to paint the eyebrows and eyelashes now instead of using a pencil, I think it made me go up a level! now all I need is practice doing it! my camera battery died while I was shooting his pics but I got a couple of good ones:

Did I mention how much I love this stupid wig? BROWN FUR WIGS FTW!!!!!


Oh and the customer is not to keen with eyelashes so he has none.  Oh #2, I may be going to airbrush soon! I've been having a lot of practice doing so many face ups lately and I feel more comfortable doing them.